Beard Between the Lines

Hi, my name is João “Beardy”!

If you only have a minute,

I’m a lawyer, writer, translator, and avid reader. I’m the bearded guy behind a bookstagram called Beard Between the Lines. This publication is the a place to focus on writing.

You’re gonna LOVE IT!

Here are a few things I’m going to write about:

  • thoughts about writing as a philosophy of life

  • reading notes from a writer’s perspective

  • writing techniques and exercises

  • journal-like entries about my book

If you have a little more time,

I’m really a lawyer (I know…), I’m also a writer, translator, and avid reader (which is a huge part of being a writer). I also drink a-lot-more-than-I-should cups of coffee every day.

I decided to write about books and writing on the internet as a hobby a few years ago and I created an Instagram feed called Beard Between the Lines, where I’m known as “Beardy”, João, or just “Beard”.

From 2016 to 2022, a lot of things happened.

For one, writing every day about books I read, wanted to read, or was reading, and documenting my writer’s journey in mostly thought-provoking posts brought me forty thousand followers from all over the world, amazing connections, and friends I never thought possible, a huge improvement in my writing, and a completely new perspective of myself and others as readers and writers.

I also grew an extremely annoying addiction to social media, and I started facing a severe content-creation burnout caused by a platform that uses us as their product without paying us for it and we fall for the traps of content strategies and everything for nothing.

In an attempt to escape my inevitable doom on social media, I traveled the seas of blogging and newsletters and I liked what I saw. I experimented, I tried new things, and then I went back to Instagram to put things back together.

Now it’s time to do this right.

Substack is going to be a writing coach exercise. I’m going to use this publication to write about my writer’s journey and everything I can offer about the writing craft.

Through my words here, you’ll sit in the passenger seat of a wonderful trip to becoming a real writer and hopefully an author, you’ll drink coffee with me while we discuss writing as a philosophy of life and reading from a writer’s perspective in a way to improve how we think and write, and you’ll walk with me in the scenes and sound waves of stories and random thoughts of a writer’s mind.

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